Meet Marni

Marni is a tech expert passionate about helping people with technology. Her family realized she was gifted when she was transferred to a 2E program in Grade 6. She had expressed her desire to work with computers at 11, which her family fully supported. Marni's intelligence quotient (IQ) of 146 made her stand out, and she was enrolled in a technical high school in Canada. After high school, Marni pursued C++ programming, which was not typical for most girls her age. It wasn't until she was 52 that she learned she had Asperger's, which explained her exceptional skills and neurodivergent challenges.

Marni's career in tech began as a technician for Apple in New Zealand in 1991. As Apple started to open its stores in the USA, she supported the Apple community as a Genius at the first San Diego store. Shortly after, Marni left Apple to establish her tech consulting business called "Mac Angel." Throughout her 30+ year career, her passion has always been productivity, so she specialized in implementing productivity software from various companies such as Marketcircle, Daylite, and Citrix, Podio. She won several awards for being the world's leading implementor and tech evangelist for Daylite.

Despite her success, Marni felt there was a better way to help her clients and never stopped looking for it. She even became a failed "tech-startup founder" in 2020. Sadly she could not get funding and lost her retirement savings in that deal.

But anyone who knows an Aspie (someone with Aspergers) knows that those special interests can't be tamed. She's been building the system she envisioned in her head all along. The calling would NOT let go.

Marni's frustration ended when she discovered Tana Inc. and its use of AI technology. She rebuilt and enhanced her system in Tana and found a productivity level she didn't even know she had.

Now she assists people in finding their work processes and creating AI assistants for their personal and business needs. Entrepreneurs can have an algorithm that makes them feel like they have superpowers.


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