I help small to mid-market companies with subscription based products to implement a growth process

Growth hacking can put your business into overdrive once you have achieved product/market fit.

Hi, my name is Marni Melrose and I have helped 450 companies to improve their internal processes and marketing, let's talk. 

Is your company ready for growth?

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5 benefits of my growth hacking services

When you let your customers drive the direction of your business your growth will be exponential. Sure, we'll work on best practices but we'll also test to make sure those best practices work for YOU. We might find something that works even better. Every company is different and that's what is great about growth hacking, we learn what works to improve YOUR bottom line.


Learn how to acquire more of YOUR customers for less.


Deliver a better onboarding experience for your customers. 


Learn what keeps your customers coming back to your product or service.

Get more REFERRALs

Learn what will drive your customers to refer more business to you. 


Find happy customers who will not only refer more business, but will purchase more products and services from you. What makes them different? Double down on THAT!

Growth Hacking Process

When you hire me, I focus on nothing else but the growth of your business.

I become an advocate for your customers.

I plug into your existing marketing, design and development teams to put a system of inquisition and experimentation in place to effectively and efficiently grow your business. I train your teams on the growth hacking process by doing it with them for the first year. When I leave the company it will have it's own growth team in place and a solid understanding of the process for growth hacking AND it will have grown faster than it has in the past as a result. 

In addition to growth hacking, I provide the leverage of my experience and the best practices that I have learned in working with & training over 450 companies on marketing technology implementations over 15 years and marketing my own business to world-leading heights. 

Every strategy I execute, every tool I implement and every technique I develop is informed by my desire for your growth. Plug me into your teams today!

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