Could your company be
growing faster?

Chances are it could be, if you haven't implemented growth hacking in your company. If you want to survive in today's market, conventional marketing just isn't enough anymore. 

Growth hacking of today is the guerilla marketing of yesterday but with data. 

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What does an outsourced Growth Director do?

When you hire me, I focus on nothing else but the growth of your business.

Before working with me, most of my clients were so busy working in their business that they didn't have time to work on their business and that often doesn't change after working with me. 

What does change is that I focus exclusively on the growth of the business for and with them. I plug into their existing marketing, product and engineering teams to put a system of rapid experimentation in place to effectively and efficiently grow their business. I train their teams on the growth hacking process by doing it with them for the first year. When I leave the company it will have it's own growth team in place and a solid understanding of the process for growth hacking AND it will have grown faster than it has in the past as a result. 

In addition to the new process of growth hacking, I provide the leverage of my experience and the best practices that I have learned in working with & training over 450 companies on marketing technology implementations over 15 years and marketing my own business to world-leading heights. 

Every strategy I execute, every tool I implement and every technique I develop is informed by my desire for your growth. Plug me into your team today! 

I'm the one my competition came to when they wanted to learn my tricks

Marni Melrose is a marketing technologist with 15 years of experience in digital marketing. Having worked with over 450 small to mid-market companies she understands what makes a company's marketing successful. She helps companies refine their digital strategy and then she recommends and implements the right marketing technologies that will help the company achieve its goals. Once implemented she trains them how to achieve data driven growth.

  • In 2009 she won the Top Technology Evangelist award for out-marketing Marketcircle for their own product, Daylite.
  • In 2010 she won the award for the most implementations of Daylite.
  • In 2012, she won the award for outstanding achievement of 200+ Implementations of Daylite while also being selected as one of Citrix's Preferred Podio Partners.

Hubspot Inbound Certified, Growth Driven Design Certified, Marketing Strategy Certified, Google Analytics, Heap Analytics,  Unbounce Design Certified, CoSchedule, Kajabi, Webengage, CallRail, Zapier, Podio, Aha Product Management, Teamwork Projects, Certified Trainer, Apple Server Certified

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Marni writes for iBusiness Magazine and sometimes speaks about technology.

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