Marketing, First In Your Mind

The first pillar of growth is marketing, but it is made possible by having the right strategy and technology in place.

We'll use Advertising to begin with so that we can get to your audience goals quickly while we wait for content marketing to kick in.

Advertise like big business without the big business budget


Answer just a few questions and, we'll create hundreds of ads for you.

Target Market

Our system will monitor social media ads in real time. It will continuously optimize the ads to target new business. Cross platform optimization allows it to assess when client ads are most effective.


Our system uses data science and programmatic buying techniques to ensure your ads are as effective as possible.


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Inbound Marketing

Inbound is about getting found by customers, it essentially turns the whole marketing process on it’s head.

Think about the process you went through the last time you made a purchase. Did you call up a salesperson asking to buy? Or did you hop online and do some research? I’d be willing to bet you did the latter.

We will can handle all of the inbound marketing for you. 

Blog Post Strategy

Our blog post strategy maximizes SEO "Search Engine Optimization" for the keywords that you are wanting to rank for and focuses squarely on increasing your website's authority, mozRank and quality. 


Video Creation

For every blog post or landing page that we create, we can also create a brief video "commercial" for that piece of content. 

Engagement levels are much higher with video in social media posts. 


Social Media Sharing Campaigns


Each piece of content that we produce get's it's own campaign. We use a social media sharing strategy that gets 237% more engagement than sharing it normally. 

You can't market effectively without the right technology in place