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Helping enterpreneurs build extraordinary businesses so they can live extraordinary lives! 

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Technology Implementation, Customization, Migration and Training

I recommend, provide training for and implement these best in class products

My goal for you is to give you the easiest tools to come to the market and get results faster. From that first touch on social media all the way through to the review.

It all starts with Prosperworks

Prosperworks is your CRM, light project management & task manager. In it I teach you how to run your business on the Melrose Method so that you can lead both an extraordinary business and an extraordinary life! 

About Marni Melrose

Was the world leading implementor of the productivity suite, Daylite by Marketcircle for 10 years before moving on to building custom CRMs with Citrix's Podio product. Now she advises companies on strategy, products, messaging, systems, teams and traffic. She helps companies to implement best in class systems. She teaches people how to manage their businesses and lives so that they don't become slaves to their business and they remain mindful of their lives. 

As seen...

I write for iBusiness Magazine and sometimes speak about technology.

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The Melrose Academy

Teaches the Melrose Method through self-paced learning

  • How to lessons
  • Strategy/Vision/Mindset
  • Tools/Skills/Systems
  • Audience Building

Business Coaching

Get help in building an extraordinary business so that you and your family can lead an extraordinary life

In every system that I have built I never forget that it's humans who use it. I have developed what I call the Melrose Method. 

  • It's a way of managing what is going on today while keeping focused on the bigger, long term picture for your business.
  • Build a business that serves your life instead of a life that serves your business. It teaches you how to not loose your family or your health while building a business.

We'll look at the 6 pillars of your business

  • Strategy
  • Products
  • Messaging
  • Systems
  • Team
  • Traffic

While not forgeting the 12 areas of your life

  • Experiences you want to have
    • Love
    • Friendship
    • Adventure
    • Environment
  • Growth you want to have
    • Health
    • Intellect
    • Skills
    • Spiritual
  • Contriutions you want to make
    • Career
    • Family
    • Creative
    • Community