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Marni is an award-winning and world-leading productivity and collaboration software implementer from Marketcircle, Daylite, Citrix, Podio, and now Tana. She developed a life/work productivity and management system called "Capture What Matters™️" that helps people achieve their goals faster than ever before with the help of AI.

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A New AI Tool That Changes EVERYTHING

"For over 20 years, I dedicated myself to assisting business owners in integrating productivity and business process systems into their companies & lives. I stopped consulting in 2015 and started coaching.

In April of 2023 I found Tana. I have yet to come across a solution as flexible and advanced as Tana. I manage my entire business and life with Tana. It allows me to create Supertags that are basically my business processes. These supertags can be powered up with AI which makes me hyper-productive. I track literally everything in it.

Vision, Goals, Projects, Tasks, AI Influencer production, Proposals, People, Organizations, Clients, JV Partners, Activities, Emails, Chats, Meetings, Videos, Content Production and Promotion, Marketing Strategy, Newsletters, Products and services, Websites, Lead Magnets, Salespages, Events, Courses, Conferences, Bills and Finances, Investments, Vehicles, Airbnb bookings, All of my notes and highlights from Kindle. And probably more that I am forgetting. Oh, and it transcribes all my voice notes or anything I listen to. It is insane what I can do with it.

It is light years ahead of other tools. Let me help you discover it."

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your AI will help keep you on track

Start your Personal AI 🤖 Algorithm that will keep you on track to unlock your productivity and elevate your lifestyle.


Over two days, participants will learn the foundational principles of Marni's "Capture What Matters" system, setting up their personal AI algorithms to improve productivity and apply practical steps towards more efficient life and business management, enabling them to command their future with the acceleration of AI.

Once you tell the AI what is important to you, the "Capture What Matters™️" productivity framework helps you achieve your personal and professional goals by tracking your progress daily, weekly, and beyond.

The AI helps you understand your impact rank (IR) for every goal, project, and task you work on.

With the progress score (PS), you can monitor your strides toward your ideal life. This framework makes it easy for anyone to understand and improve their productivity with superhuman speed 🏎️.

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